1.8*1.8m fiberglass fire blanket

Fire Blanket is made of 100% fire resistant fiberglass, which is specially treated to be compact, soft and smooth. It has the advantages of fire retardant, high-temperature resistant, incombustibility, anticorrosion, insect resistance, reusable, that can effectively eliminate fire hazards, increase chances to escape from fire, and reduce property damage and casualties.

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1.8*1.8m fiberglass fire blanket

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Technical Data

Material: 100% fiberglass 

Size:  1x1m, 1.1x1.1m, 1.2x1.2m, 0.9x1.2m, 1.2x1.2m, 1.2x1.8m, 1.5x1.8m, 1.8x1.8m 

Color: Red 

Package: Soft bag, PVC box, white PVC box, color box etc. 

Size Standard
1x1m CW900/EN1869
1.2x1.2m CW900/EN1869
1.8x1.8m  CW900/EN1869

Emergency fiberglass welding fire blanket


Reliable and High Quality Control System 

In strict conformance with national and international standard 

Customer's designs and sticker are Welcome 

Reasonable Price 


Fire Blanket is made of 100% fire resistant fiberglass, which is specially treated to be compact, soft and smooth. It has the advantages of fire retardant, high-temperature resistant, incombustibility, anticorrosion, insect resistance, reusable, that can effectively eliminate fire hazards, increase chances to escape from fire, and reduce property damage and casualties.

Emergency fiberglass welding fire blanket

1.8*1.8m fiberglass fire blanket

Manufacture of escape fire blankets roll price